Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 9 CT to PA

The theory is that Hilary is OK...we believe that the service engine light yesterday was due to the gas cap being not tight enough. Go figure!

Today's trip smooth. We picked up a CT and a NJ geocache along the way--both WalMart parking lot park & grabs.

We arrived at Hershey Meadow campground at 6:01pm. Time for dinner and a swim. We had a fire & naturally that included s'mores. We visited with a nice family from Greencastle, PA. Rachel is hoping to be penpals with their daughter.

Tomorrow we are headed to HersheyPark for some amusement. The boy is greatly anticipating the tour of how chocolate is made & the sample that comes at the end. The girl is wild about spending time at the waterpark and says she'll try a roller coaster with mama and the ferris wheel with daddy(cause mama won't do the wheel!)

the simmonds family

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