Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day 3 Vermont to Maine!

A longer day in the car than we had anticipated—it helps when you look at the right day’s mileage! Left Vermont in the morning for our drive into Maine. The scenery was fabulous and the kiddos were cooperative!

We had scoped out some geocaches along our route so we could claim one in each state of our journey. The one in New Hampshire was at a Stop & Shop (think Meijer). We got gas across the street & saw 2 monster trucks(Black Stallion & Iron Warrior) at McFarland Ford. We pulled in to check them out & realized it was a 40th anniversary celebration complete with monster trucks, drivers & free hotdogs, burgers & drinks! Super deal for lunch! Ate a quick bite, took some pictures & headed out on the road again.

Arrived at Lamoine State Park in time to fix dinner and check out the park. We biked through the park to the pier and enjoyed some time looking out at Fisherman’s Bay and wandering along the shore. Rachel, our nature girl, collected quite a load of shells & rocks. Luke learned to skip stones & was very happy to get one with 3 skips!

tomorrow is the 4th & we're heading into Bar Harbor for the festivities.

the simmonds family
A good nights sleep & we’re headed into Bar Harbor tomorrow for a full day of fun.

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