Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 6 Exploring the Quiet side!

Started off the day with pancakes! Daddy spoils us!

Headed out to the 'quiet side' of Mount Desert (pronounced like dessert, by the way) Island. Started at the Southern tip, Bass Harbor. Checked out the Bass Harbor Lighthouse. There's a keeper's house where a Coast Guard family still lives, but the lighthouse is automated. We climbed out on the rocks & got some pictures much like the postcards we purchased the day before!

Drove to Southeast Harbor to see the Coast Guard station & Daddy held a lobster at a dockside restaurant. Lots of working boats in this harbor.

Next up was a visit to Echo Lake for a swim. The boy & girl had a great time in the water while mama & daddy watched from the beach. The boy met another 5 1/2 year old named Marshall who lives nearby. Marshall shared his sand toys & even left his bucket for the kiddos because we left our specifically purchased sand toys in the camper! After a quick sandwich & snacks in the parking lot, we headed off on the Beech Mountain Trail. This trail was just .7 miles, but it included some steep rocky inclines and 4 iron ladders up the cliffs. The boy & girl thought this was n exceptional adventure. We ended in the Beech Mtn. parking area just below the summit where we met none other than Ranger Mayne from 2 days ago for our Cliff Walk Ranger Program. Both parties were surprised to reencounter each other! We ended up being the only participants and therefore received a private guided walk. The highlight of this ranger program was Ranger Mayne pointing out the only thing you may take from Acadia NP which happens to be wild blueberries! The girl had a difficult time moving along for want of eating many berries! The hike back down to the car included some blueberry collection for tomorrow's pancakes. The boy made it most of the way down & had a late hike assist from Daddy. Both kiddos are excellent hikers & enjoy exploring.

We stopped on our way home at Thompson Island for a cookout. Daddy grilled chicken, Mama made mashed potatoes & green beans, the girl rode her bike & the boy napped. Dinner was yummy, the view was spectacular and we were hungry! After dinner we met a nice family & explored some tide pools. The girl collected some more shells (shhhh...don't tell we brought them home.) The boys were not big fans of walking barefoot in the mucky/shell laden area along the coast.

We were pretty worn out & headed home for the night.
Tomorrow is our last day exploring Acadia!
the simmonds family

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