Wednesday, July 2, 2008

day 2 niagara falls touring and travel to east dummerstown, vt

slept to 8:40! ate, showered, packed up camp & headed out by 10am.

parked at the niagara gorge visitor's center & caught the trolley to the cave of the winds. started our morning with an adventure to the hurricane deck that lies just 20' from the bridal veil falls. the boy & the girl thought that was very cool. ascended the elevator much wetter, but happy for the experience.

caught the trolley to the top of the falls visitor center & some lookout that we can't remember the name of right now. daddy, the boy & the girl had fun playing on the hill. they chased each other & ran up & rolled down the hill! amusing for mama & many others.

then toured the reminder of niagara falls state park from the trolley. learned that this is the oldest state park in the country and was bought for 1.4 million in 1901! the first person to survive a trip over the falls was a schoolteacher from michigan who went over in a specially made barrel on her 63rd birthday! another interesting survivor to go over was a 7 year old boy who fell out of a boat upstream. he was wearing only a lifejacket & was rescued at the bottom by a maid of the mist boat.

got off the trolley & checked out the aquarium of niagara. small & old, but had a great seal show & the kids liked the magic show(odd to be at the aquarium, but hey.).

ate some lunch & headed out for the 379 mile trip to east dummerstown, vermont at 2:45.

stopped in bennington, vt for a geocache in the cemetary where 6 vermont governors & poet robert frost are buried. the road from here was windy, hilly (through the green mountain national forest) and included 2 covered bridges!

arrived at our campground about 9:45. happy day for sure!

tomorrow we're off to maine.
the simmonds family

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