Thursday, August 30, 2007

luke's birthday!

what a fun day!

luke woke up to present number one: present from daddy--maximum destruction monster truck & tickets to monster jam

luke had breakfast & present number two: present from rachel--honey bee tree game

luke gets the mail & present number three: present from nana & papa simmonds--$20 and instructions to get something from school (picked out colt's longsleeved tshirt & superman underoos at target)

luke invited neighbors over for cupcakes & ice cream & present numbers four, five & six--akane gave him a spiderman pflat ball, haruka gave him a lego truck & the cooley kids gave him little skateboard dudes!

luke requests taco bell for dinner & receives present number seven--from uncle mark, aunt amy & ella gets...rock 'em, sock 'em robot game! (in case you were wondering it's too loud of a game to play in a public place...not the game, but the boy playing the game) and a very nice taco bell employee gave him a fun pencil.

what a day! he had fun today...played his favorite computer games, got hot chocolate at starbucks, watched some of his favorite tv shows, played outside with buddies. big fun. nana & papa simmonds, aunt melissa & sydney, granna & papa duncan all called to sing happy birthday to him!

sort of hard for mama & daddy to believe that he's really 5. what a big boy...he even read most of his birthday cards all by himself.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

daddy's birthday

red's tickets: $100
lunch at cracker barrel: $35
parking: $12
drinks & hotdogs at the game:$20.50
dinner at la rosa's: $34.00
2 birthday boy desserts: free
spending the day celebrating daddy's birthday: priceless!

so matt gets free dessert at lunch and at dinner. if i were more apt to lie, i'd say it was someone's birthday everytime we ate out! i wouldn't do that though...

we had a fun family day. we thought we may melt at the was over 100 degrees & our seats were in the sun! yikes! will pay more attention to how the sun sets & where seats are the next time.

luke got a ball from an all star pitcher. he was number 39, but i can't remember his name. ask matt. rachel got a ball from a security guy who felt bad that she didn't get a ball. not bad. we tried to catch practice balls, but we didn't get any.

fun day. maybe it won't be so hot on daddy's birthday next year!

happy 34 daddy!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

adventures with daddy...

while mama's away, the kids will play. i mean all three of mine!

matt & the kids had a fun time playing while i was away in tn with the 'big kids'. they spent 2 days at the pool & had a fun time at the bowling alley.

luke bowled a 106 on his first bowling outing--with bumpers. rachel scored a 68. daddy scored a 136--no bumpers. rachel taught daddy to 'use the fox' while holding the bowling ball. luke opts for the 'vulcan hold'. luke likes it when the trex comes out and sets up the pins on the screen.

rachel was the fortunate recipient of over 150 tickets in the pinheads game area. something about not getting her 10 tickets & when the worker reset the game all the tickets other kids hadn't received, she got. the worker told her to keep them. she procured a hacky sack with them.

they survived 3 nights home alone. mama sure was happy to see them all on friday night!