Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 1-fishers to niagara falls. ny

departed fishers at 5:45 am!
made 5 stops and arrived at niagara falls north koa at 3:15pm.
we set up camp, cooked chicken on the grill & headed to see the falls by 5:00.

purchased our discover niagara passes & started out with a boat ride on the maid of the mist. our handy dandy blue ponchos kept us mostly dry. it was a great, up close look at the falls. the little people really liked the observation tower as well, though it was super windy.

next we walked over rainbow bridge to canada! our kids are now international travelers! we must say, the canadian side is quite the tourist trap. clifton hill was a wacky international, commerialized spot. most certainly a destination for many. we saw many people from many places speaking many languages. a pretty garden & a look over the side & we headed back to good ole USA--after paying a $.50 toll each! you'd think citizens would be free!

International travelers on the US/Canada border at rainbow bridge

we had a tasty, yet overpriced dinner at the 'twist of the mist' restaurant--a recommendation by the border patrol. dinner entertainment was luke's frequent and spontaneous war cries & chase of the pesky begging seagulls. a chocolate cone & a vanilla cone & we were headed back to the falls to visit goat island. we rode the trolley over to the island, checked out the visitor center & waited at prospect point for the fireworks celebrating Canada day.

long day, but a fun one. back to the campsite where we all fell asleep quickly!

simmonds family

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