Sunday, September 7, 2008

camping labor day weekend!

we partied with my family on saturday...luke picked tacos for lunch, then presents, playing outside & cake. fun time with family for sure! acquired some hotwheels, clothes, crash n smash stadium & a gecko! (due to allerigies, the doctor said no fur or feathers for pets). Theo is the leopard gecko's name.

then we packed quickly & took off for deam lake state recreation area. not a bad drive south. set up camp as the sun went down. rode bikes, had a fire & off to bed. on sunday, we were joined by the mc clain family. dave & matt have been friends for over 30 years. dave & mary have 2 boys jack (7) and liam(4). jack & luke have the same birthday! they pitched their tent, we had some lunch & everyone headed for the beach. lots of space, nice sand & clearish water. wore the kiddos out for sure. had dinner & hung out around the campfire.

monday we had a tasty breakfast thanks to chef matt. we played at the campsite then rented rowboats to do a little fishing. between the 8 of us: caught 1 fish, 3 little people peed in the woods, tangled 2 lines, lost 1 bobber, and laughed a lot! back to camp for lunch & packing up. headed home.
great weekend! some time to celebrate luke, some time in the woods & some time with friends. good days...