Thursday, July 10, 2008

day 10

playing in hershey, pennsylvania.

we'd heard that the town smells like chocolate due to some waste product being used for mulch. we didn't smell it.

had a blast at the park. took advantage of the free shuttle & 1 hour early bird pass from the campground.

kiddos hit some fun rides before the entire park opened. the carosel goes 13 miles an hour. sit seemed fast to me! good times. hopefully we get pictures up soon.

luke & rachel rode a BIG roller coaster. they said they wanted to ride it because it was 2 coasters racing each other--thunder & lightening. we rode lightening which won every time! they were scared & screamed from the crest of the first hill. oops! their faces on the picture they take was great, but we opted to not pay ten dollars for it. after about a half hour, rachel decided she would ride another coaster. luke says never again in his life.

we played at the boardwalk--the water park. it has a fun play place with body slides. matt & rachel rode a big slide on a double innertube. there is a kid wave pool that only is about 3 feet deep, but had some good waves. matt, rachel & luke also did the wave runner. it's a simulation wave ride--almost like a halfpipe with water rushing up. you dive in on a boogie board & ride the wave. rachel & luke went at the same time which made it hard to watch & take pictures. rachel rode the wave off the side & had to restart. for some reason, she climbed on the board backwards & rode the rest of the time facing up rather than down--we didn't see anyone else ride this way. luke had a momentary look of fear & then huge smiles the whole time. you're supposed to ride for 45 seconds. at the end of their time the guards & ride operator are all blowing their whistles for them to go off to the side, but they couldn't figure out how to get there & they weren't wiping out. they finally turned the water off--something else we never saw happen. they were embarrassed, but did GREAT! very fun.

we trekked back to camp for dinner. a quick meal & rest then back to the park.

matt & luke went to the 'really big 3d movie'. rachel & mama rode the comet, a smaller coaster. then we rode a couple of rides we liked earlier in the day as well as the monorail that takes you around the park & out to see the hershey factory.

home & to sleep rather quickly!

tomorrow is our long drive home.

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