Thursday, August 30, 2007

luke's birthday!

what a fun day!

luke woke up to present number one: present from daddy--maximum destruction monster truck & tickets to monster jam

luke had breakfast & present number two: present from rachel--honey bee tree game

luke gets the mail & present number three: present from nana & papa simmonds--$20 and instructions to get something from school (picked out colt's longsleeved tshirt & superman underoos at target)

luke invited neighbors over for cupcakes & ice cream & present numbers four, five & six--akane gave him a spiderman pflat ball, haruka gave him a lego truck & the cooley kids gave him little skateboard dudes!

luke requests taco bell for dinner & receives present number seven--from uncle mark, aunt amy & ella gets...rock 'em, sock 'em robot game! (in case you were wondering it's too loud of a game to play in a public place...not the game, but the boy playing the game) and a very nice taco bell employee gave him a fun pencil.

what a day! he had fun today...played his favorite computer games, got hot chocolate at starbucks, watched some of his favorite tv shows, played outside with buddies. big fun. nana & papa simmonds, aunt melissa & sydney, granna & papa duncan all called to sing happy birthday to him!

sort of hard for mama & daddy to believe that he's really 5. what a big boy...he even read most of his birthday cards all by himself.

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