Sunday, August 12, 2007

daddy's birthday

red's tickets: $100
lunch at cracker barrel: $35
parking: $12
drinks & hotdogs at the game:$20.50
dinner at la rosa's: $34.00
2 birthday boy desserts: free
spending the day celebrating daddy's birthday: priceless!

so matt gets free dessert at lunch and at dinner. if i were more apt to lie, i'd say it was someone's birthday everytime we ate out! i wouldn't do that though...

we had a fun family day. we thought we may melt at the was over 100 degrees & our seats were in the sun! yikes! will pay more attention to how the sun sets & where seats are the next time.

luke got a ball from an all star pitcher. he was number 39, but i can't remember his name. ask matt. rachel got a ball from a security guy who felt bad that she didn't get a ball. not bad. we tried to catch practice balls, but we didn't get any.

fun day. maybe it won't be so hot on daddy's birthday next year!

happy 34 daddy!

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