Sunday, August 5, 2007

adventures with daddy...

while mama's away, the kids will play. i mean all three of mine!

matt & the kids had a fun time playing while i was away in tn with the 'big kids'. they spent 2 days at the pool & had a fun time at the bowling alley.

luke bowled a 106 on his first bowling outing--with bumpers. rachel scored a 68. daddy scored a 136--no bumpers. rachel taught daddy to 'use the fox' while holding the bowling ball. luke opts for the 'vulcan hold'. luke likes it when the trex comes out and sets up the pins on the screen.

rachel was the fortunate recipient of over 150 tickets in the pinheads game area. something about not getting her 10 tickets & when the worker reset the game all the tickets other kids hadn't received, she got. the worker told her to keep them. she procured a hacky sack with them.

they survived 3 nights home alone. mama sure was happy to see them all on friday night!

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