Sunday, September 9, 2007

luke birthday part 3

so we celebrated luke's birthday with the simmonds clan today. we met at pizza king in southport. lunch for 9 adults and 7 kids! it was rowdy, but we had a good time. we were celebrating luke, matt's mom(turning 60) and matt's bro-in-law ken(turning 41).

yummy breadsticks, my favorite pizza and some tasty chocolate cake.

luke scored some fun presents. he really has lots of people who love him. his cousin celia picked out a hotwheels race track which provided lots of entertainment for the under 5 feet crowd. we also now have a kid sized basketball, a bubble machine, camo shorts & a basketball jersey with chinese/japanese writing on it (which we are hoping doesn't say anything vulgar--planning to ask our new next door neighbors if they can read it as they are japanese.)

fun times...
tomorrow is the first day of transitional kindergarten. another new adventure.

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