Friday, July 27, 2007

holiday world 07

spent thursday at holiday world! what a super fun time together with our family. we wore our incredibles t-shirts, yes we all have them. it was fun! daddy & i called the kids violet & dash for most of the day. it was rachel's idea to wear the shirts, but it was way easy to keep track of everyone for certain!

we ate lunch, played in the park a little, then headed for splashin' safari. we are quite fond of water parks. dash was a little unsure of the bamboo chute--which was his favorite last summer--but as soon as he reached the bottom he was saying 'again! again!' violet thinks she's very BIG since she can ride anything by herself now that she's 49 inches tall. dash wanted nothing of the larger water rides. we did the green one--the name escapes me right now--and he was scared a little, but liked it.

back in the park we rode the howler--the kid coaster. played on the treehouse playground. rode the train--the only original ride from the park's opening in 1961. i was here as a kid when it was still called santa claus land and can sort of remember riding it. we rode the bumper boats & remembered why we didn't like them last year. you wind up with a soaked behind! had a giant ice cream cone. violet rode the liberty launch with me & liked it! the boys were playing in rudolph's playground--the kiddy rides. i figured since violet like the liberty launch, she would enjoy a coaster. she agreed to ride the raven. we had a very short wait--less than 15 minutes. she handled the first hill well, but when it started to turn the cars on the side she kept repeating 'too scarey, too scarey!' oh well, i tried. she & dash rode some more rudolph rides & then we headed out to set up camp.

most of the rest of the simmonds clan was here already. we packed up dinner & cooked at their rental rvs. dash & violet liked seeing their g'parents & cousins. stayed up too late for sure. matt's parents, sister & family and twin brother & family were here.

up this morning for pancakes & sausages. the park opens at 10 local time which is 11 our time so we had a leisurly morning. matt dropped us off at the park on his way out of town--off to fishers to work conner prairie!

the kids & i met up with granna & papa, uncle mark & aunt amy & ella to start the day. the boy & girl rode the reindeer rides with ella. then we headed to the water park. we hung out with granna & papa. granna & luke played the shallow waves while rachel took me into the deep waves! we did the lazy river--granna got soaked on one of the overhang water jets! after another rider saved her from the one before that! too bad... granna & luke were going to play in the one area while rachel & i rode the zinga ride, but lightening showed up and ruined our fun. we opted to get dressed and try the rest of the park which was promptly shut down as well.

we met up with matt's sister & family. the kids & i watched the glassblower lady & looked at the collection of lincoln(the president) era toys & collectibles. we decided we'd better take the park up on their offer of a rain check. we can come back any other day in the 07 season. so we spent the afternoon hanging out with the clan at their rental rvs. matt's older brother & one of his daughters (left the 19 month old twins at home!) came in late & we spent some time talking with them. there are 3 four year olds! luke is the only boy here, so he had to watch a princess movie because he was outvoted! oh well...he's been to plenty of tea parties already. one of these days will, one of the twins, will be bigger & they can conquer the world!

so, a pretty fun day though we were stuck inside. we played feed the kitty, uno & had some fun being silly. uncle mark taught luke some new dance'll have to check them out.

tomorrow morning will be a big adventure for me to pack up the camper & get hitched up all by myself! i can do it! i think.


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