Saturday, July 7, 2007

random thoughts on arriving home...

--already planning next summer's big trip
--looking for places to camp labor day weekend & fall break
--some states have nice rest areas, indiana isn't one of them
--no cell service is both a blessing and frustrating
--amazing how we didnt' miss tv, but now that we're home we watch just as much as before we left
--10 nights is just about enough
--10 hour days in the car are TOO long
--more books on cd for the next trip
--rachel is a reading maniac!
--luke can sleep in amazing positions in the car
--it's COLD at altitude in the summer!
--God can put some amazing people in your path, you just have to be open to the encounter
--would spend more time in grand teton np next time
--the medical staff at nebraska medical center in omaha is really nice
--cracker barrell at 10pm is really yummy
--s'mores taste great in about any state

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