Friday, July 6, 2007

Day 10

July 5

Cheyenne, WY to West Des Moines, IA

Today was all about driving I80 across Nebraska.

We found a rest area somewhere in middle Nebraska where we could log on and find a geocache. The geocache was in a Wildlife Maintenance Area for the Blue Herron. We didn’t see any birds, but found the cache.

Just as we arrive in Omaha (2 hours from Des Moines), Luke makes a choking noise. I look back and he says, “I think I swallowed a battery.” Well, he seems confused about whether he did or not and finally says that yes, in fact, he did swallow it. Well, about anything else and we’d just wait for him to pass it. But a battery!!!!!!!! Thankfully, we look up and see a sign for the Nebraska Medical Center. So, after an hour wait, we get an X-ray. No battery. The doctor has spent some time at the Children’s hospital and does a great job with Luke telling him about not putting things in his mouth & about the importance of telling the truth. Rachel gets stickers from the doctor, but not Luke. Whew…

We decide that since it’s now 9:30 and we haven’t had dinner we may as well have a good one. Cracker Barrel at the first Iowa exit. Yummy meal!

The kids are asleep when we arrive at the campground. We set up in the dark & slept soundly!

Tomorrow is across the rest of Iowa, all of Illinois & home!
Sleeping in our own beds will be wonderful!

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