Saturday, January 12, 2008

it's cookie time...

some of my favorite cookies are girl scout cookies. they are the first cookies i remember eating. they may not have been, but they are the ones i remember first. thin mints. my dad taught me the value of storing them in the freezer to 1. make them last longer & 2. they are quite tasty frozen. what a great feeling to be looking for something in the freezer in the late summer and find a sleeve of thin mints. yummy!

great, now i'm craving them & they won't come till february! now that's a lesson in patience. i can make it! in our consumer driven/immediate gratification society, we really don't have to wait long for much. sometimes the things we wait for are the best. or we appreciate them more. we waited a long time for a child and now we are so thankful (most of the time) (no really, all the time) for our 2 kiddos. i waited a long time to hear God telling me what i was supposed to do in my life(this one is really all my fault. he was there, but i wasn't listening). sometimes it's our fault we have to wait and sometimes it's just how it is. maybe we should be more thankful for what we have.

my gram died this week. she wasn't married until she was 24. in 1938 that was pretty old. she hadn't found the right guy. then she and grandpa decided to get married. they had to wait for him to make some money & find a place to live and such--they waited 3 months. about a year ago, i found the letters he wrote to her from june to september. they were married sept 2nd. they had to wait. they didn't tell anyone they were planning to get married. they eloped!

it was so fun to finally be able to read them. gram said i had to wait until she was gone because she'd be too embarassed if i read them while she was alive. (how cute is that?) the letters were beautiful declarations of his love for her and his desire for her to be his wife and about the plans for their life together. he wrote about how hard it was to wait, but that he knew it was the right thing.

we are to wait upon the Lord. we don't know how long it will be, but we're to keep busy whilst we wait. grampa had to earn some money and take care of some things while he waited. we need to be getting busy chasing after Jesus and letting other people know what great things God has done for us while we wait until our time to be in heaven. we have to make the most of our time on earth. it will help the time pass till we get to spend eternity with God in heaven. that's where gram is now. i'm thankful for the assurance of her salvation. don't wait too long. you never know the day you'll meet Jesus. until that day: get busy! there's lots of room in heaven & God wants us all to be there.

anyhow, now rachel is a brownie & selling cookies. she enjoys selling them. me not so much. but her troop gets a portion of the money and that helps them do fun things. so, i'll buy some. if you want some, see rachel (or let me know).

new ones this year: lemon sandwich cookies & sugar free chocolate chip.
gone: the nasty brownie cookie from last year
perennial favorites: trefoils, samoas tagalongs & thin mints.


ps. my roomate freshman year of college had never had a girl scout cookie in her life. there's just something wrong with that.

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