Tuesday, January 1, 2008

funny/favorite things said in 2007

thought i would wrap up the past year with a refresher of funny and/or favorite things said in our family.

10. luke about our yellowstone trip. 'the badlands are bad because it's hot there'

9. luke on dec 31. 'i want the good old days to come back' (then something about a picture from when he was 4 and it was the good old days, but matt & i were laughing too hard to hear.)

8. rachel coined a new term. 'air hug' for when you can't actually get close enough for a real hug

7. matt to me in midsummer 'i'm so thankful that you aren't a high-maintenance wife!'

6. rachel during the 2nd week of school. 'second grade is harder than first grade!' (yep, that's sort of how it works.)

5. luke when he's avoiding going to bed makes multiple trips into our room. the last time usually included him flashing the sign language sign for i love you with both hands and saying
'double love'. (a nice thing to go to bed to.)

4. me to luke one night. 'no punching kerbatchi' (kerbatchi is his imaginary friend!) silly mama!

3. matt to me in february. 'i had a dream that we were camping in yellowstone. i think we need to buy a popup camper and go this summer.' (in less than 2 weeks we had a camper & this blog was started to chronicle our trip.) thanks for remembering your dream!

2. by the family 'Xtreme Chaos!' we do a little team cheer after finding a geocache. another new hobby for 2007. gets us out of the house & to interesting locations around us.

1. by luke and rachel. 'you're the bestest mama & daddy in the whole world'. (while that claim is debatable, we're thankful they love us & think we're the bestest.)

hope 2008 brings many great adventures!

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