Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 5

Custer, South Dakota to Red Lodge, Montana

Started our day with a tasty breakfast of pancakes, sausages & scrambled eggs. Daddy is a great breakfast chef! Thanks to the wash tubs we picked up yesterday, dishwashing went much faster this morning.

Upon leaving Big Pine Campground, where we met a Carmel firefighter, we took off toward Wyoming. The first stop was Jewel Cave National Monument. Sadly, the next Discovery Tour (one the kiddos could handle) was full & another wasn't for 2.5 hours. We settled for watching a video & completing Jr. Ranger activities. Daddy, the girl & the boy hiked a mile to the historic trail head & ranger station. Mama drove, made lunch & met a nice family from Rhode Island. We did hike down to the mouth of Jewel Cave--the original enterance. We stuck our heads in! The known length of the cave system is 132.9 miles. It's either #2 or #3 in length in the world! FYI Mammoth Cave is #1.

We packed it in and headed across the border to Wyoming. We stopped for gas & to check out the Wyoming visitor's center in Sheridan, WY. Our Conneticut friends were at the same gas station! Go figure...

Montana is full of wide open spaces. We stopped in Billings for some supplies before heading into Yellowstone tomorrow. So thankful that Walmart is everywhere! Also picked up 2 geocaches, so we can add Montana to our states cached! YAHOO!

Red Lodge is a quaint town. We pulled in & set up camp just as the sun was setting. Roasted hotdogs over the fire & made burgers on the grill. Corn & tropical fruit salad for sides and s'mores for dessert. Who says it's rough camping?! The kiddos checked out quickly & are very excited to finally be in Yellowstone tomorrow.

We started our Yellowstone trip countdown at well over 100 days. Hopefully the months of anticipation prove correct.

Will work on more pics soon--the wireless is sometimes slow. We'll have plenty to share when we get home!

Liz & family

PS Books on CD are a lifesaver in the car! Rachel enjoyed Little House in the Big Woods & is now working on Ballet Shoes (which Luke does NOT enjoy).

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Mom and Dad said...

Dear Family.
I was finally able to get into your blog spot. We are so glad to hear of your adventures. Sounds like you are having a great time. Rachel and Luke you are so lucky to have parents that have planned such a wonderful adventure. You are seeing sites that Grandma has never seen and probably never will. We will pray for safe traveling. Love you, Mom and Dad.