Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Day 1

Fishers, Indiana to Oakdale, Wisconsin
We departed Fishers at 9:25am and arrived in Oakdale at 5:30 local time (6:30 IN time).

Heavy rains through IL, which made travelling slow. The rain is needed though so we stopped for lunch through part of it.

Decided to look for all 50 states license plates...spotted 25 today. Halfway on the first day!

The girl & boy watched Elmo's world & Mary Poppins. They listened to A to Z Mysteries books A, B & C on CD. Rachel started the Little House in the Big Woods book on CD--she says "this girl lives in Wisconsin!" Since the Mama loves that series, it makes me happy she's enjoying it. Luke finally got to open his Superman Color Wonder book! He had big fun working on quite a bit of that.

Cooked chicken breasts on the grill as well as corn & rice on the camper stove for dinner. Swam in the campground pool for a while. Walked to the Road Ranger Truck Stop just down the road for some ice cream. Scoped out some geocashes for tomorrow & now we're off to bed!

Tomorrow is our longest travel day. Hopefully stopping for some geocaches along the way and seeing interesting landscape makes it go smoothly!

Good night, sweet dreams & God bless,
Liz & Matt
Rachel & Luke

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