Monday, August 11, 2008

august 11th...busy day!

august 11th...first day of 3rd grade, first day of kindergarten & matt's 35th birthday! whew!

we sang to matt in the morning, but since none of the rest of us are morning people the real celebration had to wait till we were more awake!

we got rachel off on the bus to the first day of third grade. her teacher is mrs. bousman who is teaching third grade for the first time & also has a 3rd grader of her own. rachel says she is nice.

luke is an afternoon kindergartener. this means we have lunch together and then i take him to school at 12:50 and he rides the bus home. he had a good first day with mrs. moos (pronounces like mows). they read a book that 'i already read this summer' and they 'didn't have recess at all'. but he says he had a good day.

with his teacher at drop off

getting off the bus

we had watermelon at the bus stop to celebrate the first day of school!
daddy opened presents...

then we loaded up & took dinner to john, jen & kiddos to welcome baby emery.
then we went to golden corral for dinner and all ate too much!
then a game of wii golf. daddy won! i'd say we let him win since it was his birthday, but really he crushed us!
then cookie cake, icecream with whip cream & chocolate syrup...

then baths & now off to bed for all of us!

what a happy day!

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